Friday, January 14, 2011

Doing Better in the Face of Tragedy

With tragic events often comes a sense of hopelessness.  That is natural and probably the anger is too.  While revenge, blame, and criticism loom large in people’s minds as appropriate responses, let me offer an alternative: Do something that makes the world better instead.  In other words, take all this pent up energy and use it for good.

Why not take some time to localize your investments?  A first step in that process is looking at your bank and seeing if it sets local investing as a priority.  This action helps on so many levels and is all part of getting reconnected with your community.
Protecting resources is also a pretty good activity.  My wife and I recently had a water meter installed, before they were required by law, so we could benchmark our use and strive to save.  Add to that, the rain barrel we will be installing soon and our pending energy audit from the Opportunity Council, and we feel like we are making some progress in a world filled with mental mud and mire.

Taking time to plan or plant a garden works too.  Re-localizing and supporting local farmers strengthens our connection with our food and each other.  All this is good stuff that will become more and more necessary in the coming times.

Add to the above volunteering or making donations to non-profits and you will start to feel—as we have—incrementally better with each positive act.  

- Bob Ferris   
Executive Director