Thursday, January 13, 2011

Welcome to the RE Sources blog!

Dear RE Source Community Member:

Welcome to the RE Sources for Sustainable Communities’ blog. Our hope with these communiqués is to provide information, share insights, and open dialogues about issues that are near and dear to the RE Sources’ community. 

These posts will be authentic, conversational, and come from the staff that runs our family of programs to supplement and amplify our other blogs (Salvage Times and the North Sound Baykeeper blog). 

Hopefully, these semi-regular posts will be inspirational, sometimes sad, and frequently silly in nature.  Who knows? But they will always reflect the fact that the RE Sources’ team is constantly mindful of our goal to help individuals make the region a better and more sustainable place for all life.

See you in the blogosphere and around the region.

Bob Ferris
Executive Director


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