Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Making Urban Spaces Green

Introducing RE Sources' New Community Garden and Educational Series

With the help of Homestead Habitats and BUGS, RE Sources is taking a step toward greening our city spaces. The unused grassy areas behind The RE Store will now be a food producing, educational hub. The new three-part community garden will consist of a rain garden, a native plant forest garden, and a veggie patch. And best of all, we're looking for caretakers to take ownership of small plots of land to call their very own.

We will walk you through the steps in starting a food production garden through our Sustainable Garden Series this Spring (March - April, 2011). Through these six affordable classes, learn the fundamentals in the classroom, then we'll do it hands on with you. If you choose to be a caretaker of RE Sources' community garden, you may choose to take the classes at a discounted rate, while reaping all the benefits of producing your own food. If you’re interested in committing to maintain and harvest a wee plot of heaven, contact HannahC@re-sources.org, 733.8307.

Learn how to make your world more sustainable from the ground up through our series of garden-based classes and workshops. The six-part series will cover a variety of sustainable gardening techniques and put those skills to practice with hands-on workshops in RE Sources’ on-site community garden. Learn how to filter and drain your water systems responsibly through the construction of a beautiful rain garden. Or learn how to design a forest garden that works with nature, growing edible plants native to your climate in a naturally supportive ecosystem. Understand the components of permaculture and learn how to design holistically in your unique garden space. Our Sustainable Garden Series will give you the tools and knowledge to make your (or our) unused space produce life! Enroll in individual classes, or save big when you enroll in the six-week series for just $150! Email HannahC@re-sources.org or call 733.8307 to register.

Class space is limited, so don’t wait! RE Sources' workshops will be taught by Homestead Habitats and the Bellingham Urban Garden Syndicate (BUGS).


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