Friday, August 19, 2011

Time Magazine's "Hero of the Planet", Denis Hayes, keynote speaker for Environmental Heroes

Hero of the Planet, Denis Hayes to keynote 2011 Environmental Heroes Awards.

Denis Hayes Earth Day Founder
Denis Hayes, is an author, advocate, professor, and sustainability leader. National Coordinator of the first Earth Day, Hayes is well known for spreading the world’s most widely observed secular holiday to over 180 nations. Internationally recognized as a leader in environmental and energy policy, Hayes was named “Hero of the Planet” by Time Magazine.

Over his vast career, Hayes has served as head of the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, professor of engineering at Stanford University, chair of the board of trustees of the Energy Foundation and the American Solar Energy Society, board member of Stanford University, the World Resources Institute, The Energy Foundation, the Federation of American Scientists, Greenpeace, CERES, Children Now, and the Environmental Grantmakers Association, to name a few.

Denis Hayes

Hayes has received the Jefferson Medal for Outstanding Public Service, and the highest awards bestowed by the National Wildlife Federation, the Sierra Club, the Natural Resources Council of America, the Global Environmental Facility of the World Bank, the American Solar Energy Society, and much more.

Through his current work as the President of the Bullitt Foundation, Hayes endeavors to make the Pacific Northwest into a global model for sustainable development.

Watch Video of Denis:

In honor of Earthday 2011, Denis Hayes, is interviewed on his "vision that changed the world" by Evening Magazine on King 5 News. The Seattle station's Michael King invites you to "meet the local guy who kick started us on the way to thinking, talking and doing something about the mess we make". Denis reflects on the first Earthday and the progress the nation has made in the more than 30 years since.

Watch Denis speak with King 5 News on "The Most Energy Efficient Building in the World" - Video

"Imagine a downtown Seattle building where you pay no energy bills. A building so green, it acts more like a living organism than a mix of metal and mortar. One is being built in Seattle right now. KING 5's Eric Wilkinson reports".


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