Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Stormwater Heroes - Star Rentals

Star Rentals is located in the Stonegate Business Park in Ferndale, and is one of the newest equipment rental businesses in Whatcom County.   The stormwater from all the businesses (including solid waste transfer stations, a bus company, a rendering facility, woodchips stockpiling, sheet metal manufacturing, and others) in this industrial park eventually ends  up in Silver Creek, which supports coho and chum salmon, and spawning and rearing habitat for steelhead and cutthroat trout.

The staff at Star Rentals regularly washes muddy machinery in their covered wash bay.  All the dirt and solids washed from the machinery drain into a catch basin, and then through a coalescing oil/water separator, which filters the dirty water.  The solids, captured grease and oil are removed from the filter every month, and disposed of appropriately.  After the wash water flows through this filter, it is pumped to the City of Ferndale Wastewater treatment facility, where it is treated and discharged, in accordance with the City of Ferndale’s wastewater treatment permit.

Star Rentals has stepped up to the stormwater plate and we applaud their efforts and protecting water quality in Whatcom County.


The Star Story (StarRentals.com)
After Star Machinery was first established as a family-owned business in 1900, the company gained a reputation for supplying the finest industrial equipment and delivering expert service based on a thorough understanding of the customer’s needs.

As we celebrate over 110 years in the business, Star Rentals still honors our original commitment to customers, with the same values as when we first started. And in an unpredictable industry, this commitment is even more important.

For example, at every Star Rentals location, our employees have the experience and expertise that our customers expect. With training programs that are first-rate in the industry, you can trust us to recommend the right equipment for the projects you have. We can handle the unexpected, and are nimble enough to make decisions on the spot. When you work with Star Rentals, you’ve just added professionals who are skilled, knowledgeable, and easy to work with.
Our approach has always been to be accessible to customers, and we never lose touch with you. We get to know you–and your business–so we can handle any of your equipment needs, whether large or small. With Star Rentals as your partner, you are assured of exceptional service and follow-through on every transaction. We are there for you.

In this industry, we know you have many choices. When it comes to equipment rental and sales, we’d like your first choice to be Star Rentals. And we will continue to work hard to make that happen.


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