Thursday, February 16, 2012

Salvaged Wood: Turning Waste to Wonder

I love working at a place that excites me.  And just this morning on my walk around The RE Store I spied something that did just that—we are now carrying a new line of wood.  Before you start thinking that I am really setting my sights way too low—this is actually locally salvaged wood that is either reused and re-milled or gleaned from what is left over from past timber harvests. 

Our first shipments in the Bellingham Store includes:

Clear and character grade old growth fir flooring
T&G old growth Cedar and Fir paneling in many sizes
Door jamb packages
T&G Birch, Alder, and Maple flooring
Old growth Fir and Cedar finished dimension trim lumber
Old growth cedar and fir quarter round and cove molding
T&G 2x6 old growth fir “car decking”

Products are also flowing into our Seattle store inventory.

The wood comes to us via a relationship with Local Source Forest Products, Inc. and their partners mainly in Whatcom and Skagit Counties.  And it excites me for a number of reasons.  First serving as a retail outlet for a local company addresses our sustainability mission on a number of different levels.  We love local businesses and are happy to help where we can.  Local Sources’ actions also epitomize the types of necessary efficiencies and opportunities that need to be pursued in order to reduce our impact on the planet while at the same time taking steps to support human life.  This is job creation from waste.  This is job creation without a high ecological impact.  This is job creation we can embrace. 

Moreover this set of products—reused and gleaned flooring, molding, and dimension lumber—is simply so The RE Store.  Local Source Forest Products, Inc. and The RE Store are riffing on one of our most favorite themes: Turning waste into wonder. In my mind these products are a “treefer”:

They sustain local businesses;
Reduce waste while saving trees; and
Create jobs for hardworking and creative individuals.

This is all great as our projects move inside.

Bob Ferris
Executive Director


  1. Most of our floor deck were composed of hardwood decking. These are pre-treated against insects that may infect it. The more it lasts longer, the lesser we will need wood - the more kind we will be to the environment.

  2. The most important thing that we need to carefully recycle is water. Recycling things around us can definitely help our nature.

    -Neil Pennington

  3. Well, aside from making the salvaged wood a drift wood for our plants, it can also be used to level the floor before putting the final concrete. That is making waste a usable wonder at home.

    Theodore Van

  4. Recycled wood will really help our environment. I've seen more and more construction sites that carry recycled wood on their material hoists. We also used recycled timber on our floors. I'm glad we're all learning to salvage wastes now. | Poppy C

  5. I know some furniture manufacturers that use recycled wood for their products. It's eco-friendly, and the best part is that they're gaining profit by saving the environment.

    - Cassadee Rae

  6. You can get a lot more use out of wood from timber salvage. It's better for the environment as well.

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