Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A Little Thanks to You, from Us

Today I want to offer you gratitude, thanks and acknowledgement for your work, commitment and energy toward a sustainable future.

Thank you for your continued support of RE Sources, for joining us to stand-up for what we believe, for lending your voice to the issues that may define our community.

Thank you for donating your time, your dollars, your expertise.

Thank you for inviting us into your classroom, your home, your email in-box.  

Thank you for reading our e-newsletters and blogs.

Thank you for writing letters-to-the-editor, attending council meetings, talking to your elected officials, speaking at scoping hearings.

Thank you for liking us on Facebook and visiting our websites.

Thank you for joining with RE Sources in protecting our community.  Every time you donate used material to The RE Store, call our field crews to tear-down your shed or salvage your cabinets, and every time you purchase used building materials…you’re part of RE Sources. 

Every time you participate in a beach cleanup, speak at a public hearing or Council Meeting, call us about a stormwater violation… you’re a part of RE Sources.

Every time you attend a class at our Sustainable Living Center, check-out a book from our lending library, or tell your friends about the work that we do… you’re a part of RE Sources.

And every time you make a scoping comment, volunteer to phone-bank, or canvass neighborhoods to talk about the impacts of building North America’s largest coal export facility in the Cherry Point Aquatic Reserve… you’re a part of RE Sources.

Thanks for being a part of what we do. 

And thanks for being a part of what makes this community so special. 

Crina Hoyer
Executive Director
RE Sources for Sustainable Communities


  1. Let me join you in thanking everyone who get themselves involved in these activities. It is a small leap towards a sustainable future that will benefit us all.

    -Lawrence Banks

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